When will municipal services begin to be installed within the neighbourhood?
Phase 1, 2, and 3 services are complete. Phase 4A services are scheduled to begin in July 2017.

How much are property taxes?
Property taxes are based upon a realty assessment as estimated by the City of Winnipeg. Property tax and mill rate information is available at the City of Winnipeg website. http://winnipegassessment.com/AsmtTax/English/Property/TaxRates.stm

How can I purchase a lot?
Potential home buyers can view which lots are available from our selected builders and which lots can be purchase privately through Lombard North Group, the project manager for the development.

PHASE 4A Lot Availability Map

How much are lots within Waterford Green?
For information on lot prices please contact selected builders and for private purchases, contact the project manager.

Can I choose my own builder?
Yes, individuals who purchase lots privately can choose their own builder. It is a requirement that all builders within Waterford Green are to be registered in the New Home Warranty Program of Manitoba and be a member of the Manitoba Home Builders Association.

What is the Code of Performance for building within Waterford Green?
All preferred builders are under contract to adhere to a Code of Performance. The goal of the Code of Performance is to ensure a safe and tidy work environment and to be respectful of the right of residents in adjoining neighbourhoods, and the new residents of Waterford Green, as it is built out, to enjoy a quality living environment. Our preferred builders have the responsibility to ensure that all sub-contractors or employees under their hire and direction are informed about the Code of Performance and operate in compliance while working on the Waterford Green development site.

What is the process for getting house plans approved?
All plans have to be approved by the Project Manager, Lombard North Group, as per Section 4 of the architectural design guidelines.
view architectural design guidelines

What type of fencing standards do you have?
The fencing standards are outlined as a schedule to the architectural design guidelines. view architectural design guidelines

Will the developer be responsible for fencing?
The developer will install a variety of fencing styles on properties throughout the neighbourhood. The location and type of fencing that will be the responsibility of the developer to install is located in the architectural design guidelines. (see architectural design guidelines)* All information, plans and prices are subject to change without notice. The developer reserves the right to change specifications without notice. All illustrations are artist's concept, are not to scale and may vary.

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